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  • Galina Pikheeva

Getting Started as a Commercial Actor with Segura Talent Agency

If you're a budding actor looking to break into commercial work, joining a talent agency like Segura Talent Agency is an important first step. Here are some tips to help beginners land more jobs and auditions through our agency:

A cast of diverse actors Stan acting class 101 at Segura Talent Agency

Create a Strong Profile

Your online talent profile is often the first impression for casting directors. We make sure yours stands out with high-quality headshots, detailed physical stats, acting resume, and reel showcasing your range.

Hone Your Skills

Even as a beginner, take acting, improv or commercial class you can. Segura Talent Agency offers monthly Acting 101 classes. Auditions will require you to take direction, memorize quickly, and act natural on camera. Any training will help build critical skills.

Get Experience

Many actors get their start by being an extra. While small roles, it allows you to get comfortable on set and meet people. Also consider student films, community theater, or creating your own content.

Have a Niche

Determine your commercial "type" and lean into it with marketing and auditions. The quirky friend? The relatable dad? The beauty guru? The more specific, the better.

Stay Ready

Keep headshots, resume, and reel updated. Be prepared to submitcustomized auditions on short notice. Check your email regularly to respond ASAP.

Trust Your Representation

Your Segura agents know your strengths and will submit you only for appropriate auditions. Follow their guidance about right-fit opportunities.

Promote Your Work

Leverage social media to promote your acting work and brand. Share content that aligns with your niche. Interact with fans and industry players.

By following these tips, aspiring commercial actors can build their skills, network, and experience to get the most exposure and bookings possible through reputable agencies like Segura Talent Agency. Stay proactive and persevere on your acting journey!

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