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  • Galina Pikheeva

Segura Marketing's Bilingual Creative Homage to Local Brand Tequila Rose

Segura Marketing's latest creative endeavor, a spec video for Tequila Rose, made in Weston, Missouri, is not just a testament to the team's diverse talent but also a showcase of innovative multimedia storytelling. Adding to the allure of this project, the video features engaging animation and is available in both English and Spanish, ensuring a wide reach and inclusivity.

The spark for this project was ignited when Jacqueline Camargo, a member of the Segura team, discovered that the deliciously unique Tequila Rose was produced locally. Inspired by this revelation, the team embarked on a creative journey to produce a spec video that not only highlights the qualities of Tequila Rose but also demonstrates the rich diversity and creative prowess of Segura Marketing.

Let's extend a heartfelt "BIG THANKS" to the entire team behind this creative venture:

  • Nicholas Segura: The visionary Producer and Director whose leadership steered this project.

  • Jacqueline Camargo: The versatile Copywriter and Actress, whose discovery led to the creation of this video.

  • Spike Carrillo: The Videographer, Video Editor, and Graphics expert, whose skills brought visual flair to the project.

  • Esai Saenz: Another key Videographer, capturing the essence of the project.

  • Nick Main: The creative Copywriter, contributing to the narrative and script.

  • Alan Gonzalez: Assisting in Video, crucial for the production’s smooth execution.

  • Jessie Gonzalez, Juliana Chi, Nia Richardson, Galina Pikheeva, and April Powell: The talented actresses and voice-over artist, who brought life and energy to the video.

Incorporating animation added a dynamic and visually appealing element, engaging audiences in a unique storytelling experience. The bilingual versions of the video are not just about language translation; they represent our commitment to cultural inclusivity and reaching diverse audiences.

This spec video, available at on YouTube (Spanish version), is a celebration of local craftsmanship, creative collaboration, and the fusion of traditional videography with modern animation techniques. It showcases Segura Marketing’s ability to produce content that is not only visually captivating but also culturally relevant and accessible to a broader audience.

We believe this project will enhance the visibility of Tequila Rose while also showcasing the creative capabilities and diversity of Segura Marketing. It stands as a testament to our passion for supporting local businesses and highlighting diverse talent through innovative and inclusive storytelling.

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