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  • Galina Pikheeva

Our Models Featured in Price Chopper's "Proud to Call Kansas City Home" Campaign

Segura Marketing is thrilled to share that three of our talented models, Vilma Maldonado, Zik Nwanganga, and Broderick Jones, have recently showcased their talents in Price Chopper's "Proud to Call Kansas City Home" video ad campaign. Each model has not only brought their unique charm and charisma to this campaign but has also been rewarded with a significant earning of $2000 each, highlighting the value of their contributions.

The commercials, available online, showcase not just the city's spirit but also the versatility and talent of these models. The first video can be viewed here, and the second one is available here. These ads capture the essence of Kansas City's community pride and the diverse tapestry of its residents.

The remuneration of $2000 each for Vilma, Zik, and Broderick is a testament to the value and impact of their work. This payment reflects the growing trend in the industry to recognize and compensate talent appropriately, especially in campaigns that aim to resonate with a broad and diverse audience.

Price Chopper's "Proud to Call Kansas City Home" campaign marks a significant step towards more inclusive advertising. By featuring models from different backgrounds, the campaign not only connects more authentically with the community but also sets a precedent for representation in marketing.

At Segura Marketing, we are proud of Vilma, Zik, and Broderick for their fantastic work and contribution to a campaign that celebrates the diversity and spirit of Kansas City. Their success in this campaign is a clear indicator of the demand for diverse representation in advertising, and we are excited to continue providing opportunities for our talents in such meaningful and high-profile projects.

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